This app never actually came to be, because of time restrictions and other projects we had going on in the company. However, I worked through the entire design of it and am still quite pleased with how it turned out. I had a lot of time to play with it visually and make something that I found appealing. A lot of the flow we used elsewhere in another app for another client, but there were a few extra fun bits thats we had in Singify. 

I kept it all quite bright and simplistic in terms of graphics. I wanted something that was very flat and at the time was getting a bit bored of working in a set group of colours so I went all out and tried to make it as colourful as I could. 

My favourite part was the animation I had planned for the pull to refresh, which would act like springs, then flash in a gradient of colours. I used that wave a lot (also in the app icon and Creator section) so maybe I overused it! 

We never got to test so I'm not sure how it performs for a user, so there will be little things that would need ironed out through prototyping, but I still like it.