New Zealand

A personal project from when I went to New Zealand in October. I wanted to film as much as I could.

I’ve been to New Zealand a few times now, both times before being when I was a lot younger and joined by family. This time was different and I was able to see a lot more of the country. My friend Louisa joined me, and we split the time we had there between both islands.

The majority of our holiday was spent in a van we called Terry, driving around the South Island eating noodles and porridge. That sounds terrible really, but it was honestly fun. We saw and did some incredible things, including boat tours, glowworms, Lord of the Rings locations, rivers, bunji jumping, zorbing, kea birds, lakes, art, lugeing, The Remarkables and various other mountain ranges, Maori culture experiences and mueseum after mueseum. The highlight for me was visiting Milford Sound and kayaking in Harrison Cove. We filled our bottles with fresh Harrison River water and heard some interesting stories about moose. You’ll notice theres literally about 3 seconds of footage of us on the water, but this was because we only had a low charged go pro with us at the time! I was way too scared to take my camera out considering this was my first kayaking experience.

I took a total of 900+ videos whilst there, and below is an attempt to arrange it into something worth watching. I’ve always wanted to try doing this whenever I’ve been on holiday in the past, so I’m quite pleased that I stuck with it and have something to show at the end! I made this for Louisa and I to remember our experience, but please enjoy!